Building Creativity, Inspiring Change

The work of J.P. Mitchell has been years in the making resulting in the formal building of a creative hub in 2023.  Our work consists of publishing solution-driven, collaboration-inspiring books for children and adults; crafting life-building experiences where people can gather to explore their strengths; speaking experiences that engage audiences and inspire greatness; and soon, creating great creativity merch and offering online courses in communication.


J.P. Mitchell Creative is on a mission to create compelling products and experiences through the world of words that inspire people to show up in self-awareness, confidence, creativity and courage.


J.P. Mitchell Creative endeavors to empower individuals through the influential force of words. Through speaking, publishing, and merchandise, we equip people to live purposefully, making a profound impact in their lives and communities.

Core Values

We believe that everything we see, do, and believe begins with the power of words. Our work is to ensure that we engage words artfully and intentionally in ways that highlight self-awareness, authenticity, creativity and courage.

At J.P. Mitchell Creative, believe that self-awareness is a superpower. Self-aware individuals and organizations deliberately choose to move in awareness that helps them to ``see`` both self and other. They skillfully consider their audience, read a room accurately, and meet people where they are. It is everything! Our work helps you build this skillset.
We believe in the power of authenticity to connect with others and create meaningful impact. J.P. Mitchell Creative promotes authenticity by encouraging individuals to embrace their true selves, express their unique perspectives, and share their stories with honesty and integrity.
Creativity fuels innovation and drives positive change. At J.P. Mitchell Creative, we celebrate creativity as a catalyst for growth and transformation. Through our diverse range of services and products, we inspire individuals to unleash their creative potential, explore new ideas, and approach challenges with fresh perspectives.
True progress often requires courage to step outside of comfort zones and pursue bold endeavors. J.P. Mitchell Creative encourages individuals to cultivate courage in both their personal and professional lives, empowering them to take risks, overcome obstacles, and pursue their passions with confidence and resilience.