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Unlock your creative potential with our tailored consulting services. Book discovery calls, strategy sessions, and accountability follow-ups. Explore our workshops for organizations, schools, and communities. Discover our products, including books, journals, and merchandise. Start your creative journey with us today!

  • Creative Consulting
  • Organizational & Corporate Speaking
  • School & Community Visits
  • Educator-Centered Professional Development
  • Books
  • Inspo-Mech

Ways we can help

Creative Consulting

• Discovery Calls: 30-minute opportunities to connect around your needs and map out a strategy.
• Strategy Sessions: A 60 or 90- minute call about everything you need to optimize your writing life or project.
• Accountability Calls: 15-minute weekly follow-up calls to ensure that you are implementing the planned strategy. Best scheduled in groups of 4.

Organizational & Corporate Speaking

• Keynote Experience
• Stamina Stories Workshop
• Sweet Fire Workshop

School & Community Visits

• Author Visit
• Creative Journey Workshop

Educator-Centered Professional Development

• “Create Your Way Through” Workshop
• “Write Your Way Through” Workshop
• “We Should Be Singing” Workshop


• Sweet Fire Book
• Sweet Fire Journal
• Elementary
• Adolescent
• Teen
• Adult
• Your Day in the Sun–book

Inspirational Merchandise

• Superpower t-shirt
• Sweet Fire sticker set
• Stamina Stories Journal
• Sweet Fire Poster–“Oh Sweet Fire”
• Sweet Fire Poster–“Burn So Bright”